It was pretty obvious that Adio needed a visual face lift. So I took it upon myself to help create a rough guide line that would evently turn into the new campaign, and over all look of the brand. The old style was so dark, layered, and truth be told, kind of harsh on the eye's. I felt like it needed to have the lights turned on in a simple, and breathalbe manner. To help simlpfy the look I made the decision to shoot all in natural light with a 50mm lens, and try and capture the over all feel of the spot/subject/session. Another aspect was not to focus on having a gnarly "stunt" being done for the ad, just something that looks more or less photogenic. I have shot about 8 of the ad's so far, and about half of them were thought out with the rest just happening naturally which is what we were going for.  After shooting the photos I would make a crude lay out in photoshop to give to the office for some sort of ground work. Which they built upon, and made about 5o different versions before we all finally agreed with what you see below, and in the magazines. Much thanks to Chirs and Travis for helping mold this and seeing it through. Now I just need to get back from South America to see them in print.  

First mock up

Final version

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Ricki Bedenbaugh said...

Love it dude. Sometimes you gotta take it upon yourself to make shit happen. Nice work.