BOMBING THE ANDES part three...mendoza

The drive from Valpariso through the Andes to Mendoza was amazing. We had a few loose canons that were getting rather wild in the van on the drive over, and I was a bit curious to what was going to happien when we had to drive through customs at the border.
Being some what in charge of this trip, the one who I was most preoccupied with making sure he was in order to pass through the border was Freddy. Driving though in a rental car is way more complicated then just flying in on an airplane landing and getting you passport stamped. You have to get certified documents from the rental car company, buy an insurance from a seperate company at the border, every one has to fill out 5 forms, and clear both country's customs before they let you in...Of course this whole process is in spanish only, with no real direction or order to it. By the time we finally get to the first customs agent 5 hrs later I was over it and stopped caring about dudes with beers and all that...I was talking to the agent explaining what we were doing ect, and he said his nephew skated, and that he reconsied Freddy from TV or a video. Freddy was physced, put down his Quilmes, and shook the dudes hand and gave him an autographed board and we were out. Funny how those things work out.

Jack and Mike-Mike were doing physical challengs where ever they could. Usually both would make it, but this time climing up the side of a bridge, Jack was the only sucessor as Mike-Mike got scared and climbed back down.

We didn't have any loc to show us around for the two days we were in Mendoza, which was not too bad being that most of the spots are in the plaza's that are all over the city. We did stumble upon this old, crusty, ramp. You could see were the coping used to be, but was taking out to sell the metal. There was a pit under the bridge in the back that had about 50 used condoms spread all over the floor. The flat bottom of the ramp was bairly even ride able, with mud puddles at the bottom of the trainy.  Mike-Mike, and Freddy killed it.

On the way back to Santiago we stopped and went swimming at this lake at the bottom of the Andes. The water is from the melted snow and was super clean and pure. 
Perfect way to end the trip.  

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