Recently shot some photos of Perry Farrell at Lollapoolza for an upcoming editorial piece. First time really shooting music from the stage, challenging, but fun. Got these flicks of Kanye and David Hinds that I am hyped on.


Recently teamed up with the good folks over at Wonderful Machine for representation in the US and elswere.


A recent ad that I shot for Volvo


lurking around the interweb these are some of the more recent things that landed in my ever growing inspiration folder


Stumbled accross these photos from a trip 2 years ago up to Sequia National Park.


Big up to Ray at Mighty Healthy for the shot out and link over on Hypebeast.
Toya getting his roof gap on in Paris
This was on a 2005 Listen Euro tour, 5 countries in 5 weeks

Erryday be fathers day

I was shooting some photos of my two girls the other day when my oldest daughter picked up the camera and started poppn' off. She has her own Fisher Price "my first camera" that she likes, but this was the first time she showed any interest in one of mine. At first I was a bit hesitant to let a 3.5 year old to use a big, heavy, and expensive camera, but shit where would I be if my pops didn't let me dissect, and play with his old AE-1. So I showed her how to hold it, where to put her trigger finger, and how to use her one eye to look through the view finder to see what it was that she wanted to shoot. She caught on pretty quick and shot this photo of me with her little sister that I will forever cherish.