The Perfect Man

Kenny once told me that "organization is the key to life". As I have been digging through over ten years of film and digital files for the last few weeks looking for a few specific photos, this keeps ringing in the back of my head. Never having a real system of organizing my film I have been finding the randomest photos some how in the same sleeve or folder. I have seriously found a photo of Rupp in Canada 2002, Suski in Spain 2005, Tony Manfre in Miami 2004, Bam in New Zealand 2005, Sabback in Greece 2006, and Nesser in Chile 2007 some how all grouped together in the same folder. Now this my sound like an interesting and even entertaining walk down memory lane, but when you are trying to find one frame of 35mm from Miami in 2003 at 4 in the morning, it's not that tight. Only for the last few months I have been finally getting one system of filing my digital photos. In the past I would come up with a new way, and two weeks later I would be off it, but I have been using the new system for a few months now and it seems to be working. As far as getting all the film sorted out, I'm gonna wait till I get my office and an intern.

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loon said...

come to colorado and i will intern for you.