I am working on a new project for MIA and I need to dig up a few old gems in the film archives.
Joel was one of the first "sponsored" skaters that I shot with. He was really straight up and actually kind of harsh on the critique of anything that I showed him. At first I would be kind of bummed but I got used to it and it only made me get better. He always has dope photos due to his spot/trick/gear combo, and is down to try pretty much anything for a photo. Here is a print from when I was in the college darkroom of a switch crook at an extinct DTM flat bar circa 2000.
Digging through all this stuff I would notice the guys that shot and spent a lot of time with, Forrest, Selego, Joel, Nesser, Renaud... Looking back on all of the stuff that I have shot with Danny is a trip, cuz it's all so good. This switch back tail at the Jew rails is probably one of the better ones. I had to shoot it black and white and with out flashes due to the fact that I had been caught there before and I would go to jail if I got caught again. So I would hang out across the street, and when he would start getting into it I would run and pop off a few then retreat to the side walk where I couldn't get arrested. Reda asked me one day why I didn't shoot it in color, I guess he was thinking that it was a bail from a sequence (pre digi), or didn't know of my situation with the famous skate Synagogue, but I kind of like the raw timeless look of a BnW, Tri-X skate photo. I actully have a few photos on film of Dan that where shot right before his injuries(which he is now recoverd from) that were "lost" around the industry, but I have recently tracked them down and they should be coming out in Skateboarder soon.

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Steven Ayers. said...

I had to shoot Tri-X in Photo School too. It's grainy enough to look raw but it can still hold sharpness. Get better Danny.