COME ON CROWD!!! part one...santiago

I invited a random crew to do a little trip to around Chile and into Mendoza, Argentina. It was originally only going to be a few heads, but it snow balled into a crew of 10 over night. I wasn't sure if it was going to happen but they all showed up one way or another...B Brown, TJ, Shier Mate, Mike-Mike, Bender, Clint, Sabback, Freddy, and Joey P to video capture it all. If you know any of these characters then you could imagine the chaos of putting them all together in South America. The trip is almost over, but I have not had much time to post any photos, so here are a few from Santiago.



joseph said...

Come on Crowd!!! Hey!!! Move Over!!! Yaaaayyyyyyyy!!! Hey Laadddy!!! (Only people on the trip will understand any of that)

Good times!!!!

Merl said...

i love that photo of jack! AMAZING!